Part of the Cities on Water optional semester for University of Minnesota second-year Landscape Architecture graduate students, this class seeks to expand the capacity of these emerging professionals by encountering how landscape, ecology and culture co-evolve in relation to issues of water in the Netherlands.

The Dutch portion of Cities on Water program is also an option for graduate students in the Metropolitan Urban and Regional Planning students at the Humphrey School of the University of Minnesota. The Dutch focus on spatial planning, and the interdisciplinary nature of the class, benefits both graduate tracks by enhancing their understanding of how landscape architecture and planning professions can overlap and interact.

The class originated with Adjunct Assistant Professor Cynthia Lapp, who co-instructs the course with Senior Lecturer Vincent deBritto.

Cynthia Lapp – MLA, University of Minnesota. Cynthia is an Adjunct Assistant Professor an the University of Minnesota, and leads the NL segment of the Cities on Water program. She is also a co-director the Design Duluth program and a Partner at Meteek & Co, a design-build and research firm in Duluth, MN.

Vincent deBritto – MLA Cornell, with a Bachelor in Architecture. Vince is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Minnesota and leads the Istanbul portion of Cities on Water semester. He is also a co-director the Design Duluth program, teaches graduate studio and technical courses, and is the past Managing Editor of Landscape Journal


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