Monday April 07, 2014 – Day 09 Marker Wadden Charrette

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Two visiting professionals assisted design teams with desk reviews today. Students again worked at Strowis in Utrecht, fine-tuning their designs and deciding how to communicate their intent.

Gerard Jan Hellinga, an Urban Planner with HzA and IS Maatwerk, came by in the morning and had some clarifying questions for the teams. Among other things, he asked, with the students understanding of Dutch design and development, what would the Marker Wadden look like in 100 years? Would it still be open water? Would it be islands within a polder, like Urk and Schokland? Intriguing to think about, when you come from countries where land masses that don’t usually change that drastically over a hundred years’ time frame.

In the afternoon Landscape Architect Livina Tummers reviewed the charrette work, asking about the teams’ design intent, how decisions were made, and shapes were drawn. She reminded them that in a country where landscapes are overtly created, people want to hear a clear reason for the choices that are made.

Both of the review rounds assisted the teams in crafting succinct explanations of their decisions and reasoning, no easy task when fusing ecological, engineering and human use constraints with the bold creativity of designing new land on our planet.