Sunday April 06, 2014 – Day 08 Marker Wadden Charrette

P1090721_smIn our tradition of meeting on Sunday to discuss the upcoming week, we held a review at our apartment on the Valkstraat, about 7 minutes’ walk from Strowis. Design teams presented rough cuts of their 2-minute video and went through draft layouts of their boards. Vince reviewed the upcoming transition to Istanbul and went over our general schedule there for the next five weeks.

Monday we will have two visiting reviewers, Gerard Jan Hellinga who hosted us for an office visit and presentations in Hoorn a few weeks ago, and Livina Tummers, a landscape architect living in Utrecht. Livina reviewed the past two Marker Wadden charrettes, and we are happy to have her wisdom and clear thinking again this year!

Having “outside” reviewers is a great opportunity for the teams to discover where they are in understanding the project, and practice clearly communicating their decisions. We invite these professionals to lend their expertise in planning, designing and communicating, and they enjoy learning about the projects we are working on, and seeing how the students work through the assignment.

Most of our reviews have been relatively fast, 10-15 minutes per team. This allows the students to become practiced in succinctly communicating their design intent and inspirations, and to understand what they don’t yet know in order to craft questions that will assist them in their design process.