Tuesday April 01, 2014 – Day 03 Marker Wadden Charrette

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This morning we biked into town to work again at Lelystad’s new “Sustainability Shop.” Laura Bromet opened the morning presenting on what stakeholder groups would like to see and experience in the future Marker Wadden islands. Laura is the Public Affairs advisor for the Marker Wadden project. She meets regularly with people representing various interest groups and keeping them informed on the progress of the project.

Picking up from yesterday’s analysis work, design groups, working in four teams of two or three, created three quick scenarios; how would you design the Marker Wadden for ecological habitat? for stakeholders? for economic possibilities? Teams presented these scenarios to Roel Posthoorn, who stopped in for a mid-day critique.

Following that, Robert Atkins, a senior policy advisor on Nature and Environment for the Province of Lelystad spoke about the role of the role of the new Sustainability Shop as information center and meeting point for all kinds of initiatives regarding sustainibility.

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After the review, we cycled to the new visitor’s center at the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve, then walked into the small area on the east side of the reserve where human visitors are allowed. Wandering through reed beds and along former drainage structures, we made it to the cormorant blind. Beyond your basic shelter with slit windows, this is a serious blind that begins with a high fence, followed by a fully covered walkway, before coming to the two-story lookout structure.

Silence is essential in this situation. We watched, sketched and photographed what we saw, eventually returning out through the gradient of cover, back through the reed beds, towards the train line and back on the bikes to our hotel on the harbor.