Monday March 31, 2014 – Day 02 Marker Wadden Charrette

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Diving into the Marker Wadden charrette, today students began work in analysis teams. Biking from the harbor into town, we worked at Lelystad’s new “Sustainability Shop”, a storefront with information and meeting space for sustainability initiatives.

The shop is closed on Monday, so we had lots of space to spread out and begin thinking about the expanse of the Markermeer, the meaning of making islands, and Dutch cultural connections to nature, open water, and recreation.

Jan Wouter Bruggenkamp provided insight about land use surrounding the Marker Wadden, important points about designing for open water and the context of historical and current cultural views on the Markermeer as open water.

In the afternoon, Roel Posthoorn came by for a review of the work. Students had compiled lots of information, and had many questions for Roel and Jan Wouter. We had scheduled another day of analysis, but decided, based on the strength of the work today, we will shift to design teams tomorrow.

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