Waterloopbos Project Results

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Waterloopbos Project PDF (6.4 MB)
The Waterloopbos (“Forest of water courses”) was used until the 1980s when computer modeling replaced the function of physical models. Since then the trees have matured and models have fallen into direpair; industrial ruins aging in beautiful forest rooms.

For the Natuurmonumenten, students came up with plans and programs for new uses of the Waterloopbos and ideas for revenue streams to support the forest area. Working with Project Manager Nathalie Swinkels, Forest Manager Norbert Kwint, retired wave modeling engineer Lou Verhage, retired landscape architect Jan Wouter Bruggenkamp, and Hans Doodkorte, students toured the site then worked in teams, presenting to their Natuurmonumenten clients at the end of the day on Tuesday.

The work was used immediately. The Natuurmonumenten held a session on Wednesday with possible partners about coming up with ideas for visitor experience and revenue generation, The students’ ideas were used to generate discussion and possible project ideas.

You can view and download the students’ work from the link above or below:
Waterloopbos Project PDF (6.4 MB)