Wednesday March 19 2014 – Day 03 Rivierklimaatpark IJsselpoort Charrette

Today teams continued to define their plans, deriving key questions for Wim Goedhart, the Rivierklimaatpark IJsselpoort project manager.

Taking the train to Rheden led us over the high ground of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug and into the central river area of the Netherlands. Transferring at Arnhem, we took a local “stoptrein” to the village of Rheden at the foot of the Veluwe and entrance to Veluwezoom National Park.

It was a lovely walk from the train station to the national park visitor’s center where we met with Wim. On the slope of the Veluwe, large trees and pastures that open to the village road give the feel of walking into the mountains.

For the review, each team laid out their drawings and explained their main ideas, keeping Wim busy answering questions about all facets of the Rivierklimaatpark project, from water management techniques to local residents’ recreational needs.

Tomorrow students will be in Utrecht revising and producing final plans for presentation and discussion on Friday.